This project included a full-scale renovation, furnishing and decor for a penthouse located in a vibrant bustling Vancouver neighbourhood.

Previously two separate units, Gillian Segal Design completely reworked the floorplan while having to design around certain structural elements of the building. This project was about all thoughtful detailing and material selection to give this modern and minimalistic space soul and depth.  Constantly taking spacial or other design challenges and turning them into special features is a passion of Gillian and her team, and the unique kitchen layout is one example where a design constraint (plumbing stacks that were unable to be relocated) were turned into a focal point and feature of the kitchen. This home has been featured in Design Milk, along with several others. The client for this project recently sold the property and broke the record for price per square foot in this sought-after neighbourhood. 
Thoughtful detailing and material selection gave this modern and minimalistic space soul and depth.
Kitchen design constraints were turned into a focal point through intelligent structural decisions.
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