• A Look back : Dinner X Design & IDS West

    September was a busy and exciting month here at Gillian Segal Design. One of the highlights was definitely participating in this years  Dinner X Design and IDS West with my partner for this event Bash & Fete. For those of you who don’t know about the event, Dinner x Design is an incredible charity gala that raises money for the Dr. Peter Aid’s Foundation.  Local designers and event producers are invited to create a concept and design for a 12′-0″ x 12′-0″ space.  After a few short days dedicated to building and set-up, a cocktail party and the gala dinner were held here in Vancouver at CBC studios.  Following two great evenings, we had a few days to take everything apart and move it over the the Vancouver Convention Center, where all of the Dinner x Design booths were on display for the duration of IDS West. We were so thrilled with the end result of the design, and had a blast with amazing guests at the Gala dinner, however this was definitely an undertaking that took a village.  While the process started withBrittany and I brainstorming a concept, we ended with an incredible team of talented designers who helped us bring our vision to life.

    Our initial concept was: We’ll Always Have Paris.  Here is a summary of our vision:

    We don’t know how, but Parisians always manage to do it better.  The fashion, the food, the design and not to mention the fact that women manage to eat bon-bons all day and still stay thin.  The chic and luxurious Parisian lifestyle is appealing in and of itself but we felt particularly inspired by some of the design emerging out of Paris.  Designers like Christian Liagre, Joseph Dirand and Jean Louis Denoit are able to seamlessly marry the old and the new, creating interesting and glamorous spaces that re-interpret tradition. That was our goal: a modern twist on classic elements of design.

    After coming up with a mood board to keep our concept focused (see below), I started on a journey of an amazing collaborative design process with Katherine GordonJeff MartinMatthew McCormick and Lock & Mortice.  With Katherine’s Architecture & Design expertise, Jeff’s table , Matt’s chandelier and Mirror Art made by Katherine and myself we were off to a very exciting start.  Having Lock & Mortice come on board to not only build the booth, but do all the brass work (and the benches) really brought all of our brainstorming to life.  Take a look at the end result below! Florals provided by The Flower Factory, Busts and small accessories from The Cross and graphic design for our menus was done by Sandy Manj.  All photos taken by the talented Tracey Atyon.

    And…for those of you who are wondering, the Mirror is in French and reads, “TOUS NARCISSIQUES” meaning: all narcissistic. This item is sold, however other pieces of mirror art are available on a commission basis.

  • Make an entrance

    A few of my current renovation projects have had my mind on doors.  Kelly Wearstler recently posted a photo of a stunning door with a quote reading, “The door is the window to the soul of a home”, and I didn’t think I could have said it any better myself.  No matter what anyone tells you – first impressions count, and I definitely think that’s true of homes.  Curb appeal has a huge effect on the experience of entering a home : it’s like a teaser, giving you a taste of what’s to come upon entering. One of the reasons I love residential design is because of how personal it is.  Each home tells a different story of the people living there, and is really a way to express yourself without having to utter a word.  A door is like any design detail – an opportunity for self expression.  Maybe your building or renovating and have the good fortune to start from scratch and build a custom door. Ornate and detailed, or a minimalist slab can be very telling of the type of interior  you’re about to enter.  However, making a statement with your door doesn’t have to be costly or labour intensive.  A fresh and bold coat of paint is definably the easiest and most economical way to make a big impact. However, if even that’s too much you  could add personality with  something more noncommittal like a unique and interesting door knocker, or beautiful potted plants to flank the doorway.  What does your doorway say about you?

  • D x D Media Preview

    As you may know, I have been busy planning a table for this year’s Dinner by Design and IDSwest with my partner in crime, Brittany Wong – Principal and Owner of Bash & Fete. We have been very blessed to have been joined by an amazingly talented team of local artists and designers who are helping bring our vision come to life.  With partners like Katherine Gordon , Matthew Mate , Jeff Martin Joinery and Lock & Mortice, I have no doubt that our design will be a huge success. While our concept and design may be top secret, we were asked to put together a mini-tablescape for the IDSwest media preview party which took place at Livingspace last month that I have been dying to share.  I always start my creative process with the creation of a mood board (pictured below) and Brittany perfectly captured the essence of our concept “Rose on the Roof”: Summer season is upon us and there’s no better place to be than on a rooftop sipping rosé. Inspired by a bright and punchy sunset palette, our table is an hommage to all that is fun and fancy for the swankiest of summer soirées.  See how our concept came to life with the beautiful pictures taken by Ema Peter Photography. My goal for the table was to have something fresh, fun, interesting and just a little bit glamorous. Bringing in the seasonal pinks and oranges (with peonies and apricots) made this feel truly summery and unique but I wanted to balance out some of the femininity.  Incorporating graphic black and white into the design with the Arper chairs, Hermes plates and the masculine texture of the Horn candle holders helped to bring that splash of edge I was looking for. Chairs, tables, area rug & vase provided by Livingspace, Flowers by The Flower Factory,  plates & place settings from Atkinsons, candlesticks from  Provide & treats from Culinary Capers.

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