• Back to blogging – updates at GSD

    After taking a hiatus from blogging (to focus on all my current projects on the go) I am so happy to finally be back at it! I have to say…it has been a very exciting year at Gillian Segal Design so, I thought why not get back into the swing of things by updating you on some of the exciting projects I’ve been working on. First off, I would like to start by sharing some very exciting news. I was recently approached by Martha Stewart Living and was asked by be an interior design contributor for Marthastewart.com .  Years ago one of my best friends gave me  Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook, which really started my love affair with baking, cooking and all things Martha Stewart related, so I am so honoured and excited to be involved with one of my favourite publications and brands.  For my first feature they asked if I would do a house tour of my own home, so stay tuned to see that go live this week!

    A recent highlight was definitely putting together some styled shoots and entertaining features for Camille Styleswith my best friend and colleague Sophie Collins (check out here amazing blog talking about food, wine and all things fabulous here). While entertaining may not fall under the job description of an interior designer, it is such a a passion of mine.  What better way to celebrate the good things in life that with good food, good wine, good company and of course, good design.  These features like our Midwinter’s Night Dream Dinner and our Think Pink girls Valentine’s Day brunch  were great opportunities to get creative and use my passion for design in a different way.

    • Sophie & I toasting to a beautiful dinner. All photos for both Camille styles features taken by Christie Graham Photography.

    • Sexy, wintery flowers by the very talented Gloria at The Flower Factory.

    • In love this pink and feminine arrangement with just the right amount of Edge by Lauren at Botony & Co.

    • Beautiful cookies made by Cookievonster Custom Cookies.

    • Sisters Lauren & Mariel Armstrong (Creators and owners of PARTYSKIRTS/ Skot Apparel Inc. ) giving us a smooth! Keep scrolling down to see us all in our very own PARTYSKIRTS!

    • We have also been busy working away on a few new build projects, a couple renovations and some very fun furnishings projects! Stay tuned to see more on their progress...

  • Wishlist: Gianni Chiarini

    On a recent shopping trip to one of my favourite local shops, Blubird Boutique my eye was instantly caught by a line of purses I had never heard of before: Gianni Chiarini.  What isn’t there to love?! These very reasonably priced bags (ranging from 150-300 depending on size) are conveniently waterproof (made of rubber)  for this Vancouverite who is constantly shlepping around in the rain.  The fun patterns are definitely what drew me in and as usual I couldn’t help but connect my favourite fashion trends to interior trends.  Find some inspiration not just for your christmas list, but also for how you too can take inspiration from your favourite items on the runway or n your closet and translate them into your home.

    • "Beverly I" and "Beverly II" prints available from The Aestate:

    • Prince Armchair by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti:

    • Laughing about how my outfit matched Montauk Sofa's booth at IDS West.

  • Nice & Neutral

    One of my favourite parts of the design process is what I call programming.  This is the question and answer portion with clients, or the “getting to know you” time.  Being involved in the design or decoration of someone’s house is a very personal thing.  For example, in bathroom renovations one of my first questions is always “are you a shower or a bath person?”  This might be a little blunt for someone I may be meeting for the first time however, helps me establish where we should be saving and splurging in a bathroom to maximize the budget and create the best possible space for the client.  To me this is a very interesting part of the design process.  Learning about how people use their space, what makes them comfortable, and what makes them tick.  But, despite the unique challenges of every project, and drastically different taste each person has, it always amazes me how completely different people can often have similar requests. One of these things is neutrals.  Probably my most requested colour palette is a neutral one. I think the largest reason for this is that people feel more comfortable making investment purchases (i.e. large pieces of upholstery) in neutral tones that have difficulty falling out of style and are easy to live with for long periods of time.  This is a very understandable approach, and one I have taken in areasin my own home.  Unfortunately, sometimes I think that the choice for a neutral palette is a result of the fear of taking risks (which in my books is a big no-no!) Having fun with your interior and trying out unique things (even if they sometimes don’t work) is how you create memorable, unique and timeless spaces.

    I have rounded up a few of my favourite spaces that while all being completely neutral, exhibit a little risky behaviour that keeps them interesting. Whether it’s an unexpected shape or contrast, an interesting mix of texture and pattern or emphasizing architectural elements, every space needs some drama!

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