It’s 2016! (shocker) I know I’m a little late on a new years post, but better late than never, right?  Even though I’ve been writing and sharing bits and pieces of what we’ve been up to at GSD through Marthastewart.com (see some of my articleshere), I’ve really missed writing regularly on my own blog.

    Last year was an amazing year….2015 brought me my first employee Paige (who just started a GSD instagram!) and not long after Megan joined us.  I couldn’t feel more blessed to have such talented, hard working and FUN ladies working by my side.  It also brought us into our first official office space (hoping to share some photos with you soon!).  We finished up some projects with some amazing clients who I am now lucky enough to call friends, and we continue work on some incredible jobs I am excited to start sharing with you soon.

    As my first post back, I wanted to share a little treat with you – some of my favourite designer resources! Part of my job is knowing all of the latest and greatest, and I sometimes like to keep some of them close to my chest…reserved only for my clients (why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?!). I can’t believe I just used that saying…..Anyways – for whatever your next project is – here are a few of my top picks that may be lesser known.



    Wallpaper has made a comeback in a big way (no, it is no longer reserved only for grandma’s old bathroom).  It is one of the fastest ways to dramatically change a space.  While it’s not as affordable as painting (and I always recommend having it professionally installed) it’s one of my favourite tools.

    Drop it modern
    Unlike many suppliers, Drop it Modern is available to the public for purchase.  They have the most unique, bold and edgy patterns that come at a reasonable price.

    2. ART

    I love art. period. Starting to collect personally has been such a fun experience.  I try to invest in one quality piece a year (and I think this is a great way to do it for anyone looking to start building a collection, whether you want to spend $300 or $30,000).  Your tastes evolve as you do so it’s great to spread out the big pieces, not only financially but also to spend the time looking.  The hunt is part of the fun – get to know about the artist and about the subject, it makes it more meaningful (plus it’s always a bonus when you have company over and you can actually answer their questions like….”what does this dot represent”..)

    Uprise Art – An online gallery with THE best emerging artists (including two of my favourites NG Collective and Zoe Pawlak… who in my opinion aren’t so emerging 😉 ) There are lots of affordable pieces to choose from (including a section for pieces $500 and under) and they even provide art advisors free of charge!

    • Cowboy Fever - Ray Geary, Twelve nudes - NG Collective Studio, Grey Drawing IX - Zoe Pawlak, Looking over maps of memory - Xochi Solis

    3. TEXTILES – Pillows & Blankets

    I am currently coveting pretty much every item made by Rani Arabella.  All handcrafted in Italy & made of cashmere.  Enough said.


    Avram Rusu Studio, founded in 2004 by Architect Andreea Avram Rusu, is a multidisciplinary design studio that creates all of their beautiful & sculptural works in Brooklyn. These items are splurge pieces, but each and every piece is a showstopper (the lighting is drool-worthy).


    Most of us aren’t able to spurge on every item…and who doesn’t like a good deal or great value?! While my go to for affordable finds is usually CB2, a new (local) company The Goods Home is producing great, high style pieces for amazing prices.  All Canadian made, these pieces are well designed with very reasonable prices (you may even see the Dane Black Chair’s show up in a few projects…)

  • A peak into my home : My House Tour on Martha Stewart

    My first feature as an Interior Design contributor for Martha Stewart is live! While I always feel like my work is never done (ahem…my bedroom which is still under construction!) I was so thrilled to have my home featured on Marthastewart.com.  See my article here, “How to decorate like an Interior Designer”, where I discuss my design decisions and a little bit about my personal style.

    People always ask me, “what is your style?” when they hear that I’m a designer and I always find that that is the most challenging question to answer. I truly love elements of all styles and periods of design and that’s one of the reasons I love what I do so much.  I get to live vicariously through my clients who have different tastes and needs.  Of course in every project I do, whether it’s traditional, modern and anywhere in between I bring my own flair and style to the project.  But, that being said it is always my goal to take my clients style and elevate it while still remaining true to them.

    While you will have to head over to my article to see some of my sources and read my tips, I wanted to share some more photos with you that I just couldn’t quite fit into the article.  If I had to describe my house, I would say that it is “modern, eclectic glamour”, what do you think?

    All photos taken by Tracey Ayton Photography.

  • Back to blogging – updates at GSD

    After taking a hiatus from blogging (to focus on all my current projects on the go) I am so happy to finally be back at it! I have to say…it has been a very exciting year at Gillian Segal Design so, I thought why not get back into the swing of things by updating you on some of the exciting projects I’ve been working on. First off, I would like to start by sharing some very exciting news. I was recently approached by Martha Stewart Living and was asked by be an interior design contributor for Marthastewart.com .  Years ago one of my best friends gave me  Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook, which really started my love affair with baking, cooking and all things Martha Stewart related, so I am so honoured and excited to be involved with one of my favourite publications and brands.  For my first feature they asked if I would do a house tour of my own home, so stay tuned to see that go live this week!

    A recent highlight was definitely putting together some styled shoots and entertaining features for Camille Styleswith my best friend and colleague Sophie Collins (check out here amazing blog talking about food, wine and all things fabulous here). While entertaining may not fall under the job description of an interior designer, it is such a a passion of mine.  What better way to celebrate the good things in life that with good food, good wine, good company and of course, good design.  These features like our Midwinter’s Night Dream Dinner and our Think Pink girls Valentine’s Day brunch  were great opportunities to get creative and use my passion for design in a different way.

    • Sophie & I toasting to a beautiful dinner. All photos for both Camille styles features taken by Christie Graham Photography.

    • Sexy, wintery flowers by the very talented Gloria at The Flower Factory.

    • In love this pink and feminine arrangement with just the right amount of Edge by Lauren at Botony & Co.

    • Beautiful cookies made by Cookievonster Custom Cookies.

    • Sisters Lauren & Mariel Armstrong (Creators and owners of PARTYSKIRTS/ Skot Apparel Inc. ) giving us a smooth! Keep scrolling down to see us all in our very own PARTYSKIRTS!

    • We have also been busy working away on a few new build projects, a couple renovations and some very fun furnishings projects! Stay tuned to see more on their progress...