• That 70’s Glamour

    One of my favourite things to do during the holidays is catching up on going to the movies.  During the work week sometimes it can be hard to find the time to get the the theatre, so over my Christmas vacation I took full advantage and caught some the great new releases.  The first film I knocked off my list was the much anticipated American Hustle.  Not only did this movie have superb acting performances, but the set and costume design were unbelivable! Movies and TV are always one of my favourite places to find inspiration, especially those set in different era.  While the 70’s is often thought of as a decade that should perhaps be stylistically forgotten (think lots of drab earth tones, campy bright colours, wall to wall carpets and plenty wood and vinyl) American Hustle proves that it wasn’t all bad! With Amy Adams dressed in an array of amazing vintage pieces including Halson, Gucci, Diane Von Fursterberg and Christian Dior the glamour present in the 70’s is crystal clear! The plunging necklines, bold colours and patterns, and luxe fabrics like velvets and fur create a sexy and funky vibe  that we can definately take cue from today.

    Below are some shots from the movie alongside photos of some vintage 1970’s spaces alongside some current interiors designed with the decade in mind (including a few from one of my favourite designers Kelly Wearstler who often encorporates elements of the 70’s into her projects.  Enjoy!

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