A peak into my home : My House Tour on Martha Stewart

My first feature as an Interior Design contributor for Martha Stewart is live! While I always feel like my work is never done (ahem…my bedroom which is still under construction!) I was so thrilled to have my home featured on Marthastewart.com.  See my article here, “How to decorate like an Interior Designer”, where I discuss my design decisions and a little bit about my personal style.

People always ask me, “what is your style?” when they hear that I’m a designer and I always find that that is the most challenging question to answer. I truly love elements of all styles and periods of design and that’s one of the reasons I love what I do so much.  I get to live vicariously through my clients who have different tastes and needs.  Of course in every project I do, whether it’s traditional, modern and anywhere in between I bring my own flair and style to the project.  But, that being said it is always my goal to take my clients style and elevate it while still remaining true to them.

While you will have to head over to my article to see some of my sources and read my tips, I wanted to share some more photos with you that I just couldn’t quite fit into the article.  If I had to describe my house, I would say that it is “modern, eclectic glamour”, what do you think?

All photos taken by Tracey Ayton Photography.